Herzlich Willkommen

Herzlich willkommen beim Ortsverband F12 –  Kassel – des DARC.

Sie hören uns meist auf folgenden Frequenzen:

2m Band:
145.350 MHz OV-Welle
145.775 MHz DB0XE, Kassel-Relais (N51° 19’54“ E009° 23’41“)

70cm Band:
438.850MHz DB0TM, Kassel-Relais

23cm Band:
1298.450 MHz DB0XE Kassel-Relais  (Ablage -28MHz)
1298.600 MHz DB0KAS, Kassel-Relais 2 (Ablage -28MHz)

10m Band:
29.220MHz (FM) täglich 11:00 Uhr

DMR – Digital Mobile Radio (70cm)

  • Relais: DB0AFZ 439.975MHz, -9.4MHz, TS 2 TG 9, (Brandmeister) Standort Baunatal
  • Relais: DO0DXE 438.325MHz, -7.6MHz, TS 2 TG 9, (DMRplus, Refl. 4018) Standort Kassel
  • RelaisDB0TM 439.9625MHz, -9.4MHz, TS 2 TG 9, (DMRplus, Refl. 4018) Standort Habichtswald
  • Relais: DB0WIZ 439.550, -7,6 MHz, Brandmeister, TS2 TG9 ist DMR+ 4018) Standort Kaufunger Wald
  • Relais DB0XP 439,2625, -7,6MHz, Brandmeister, Standort Hessisch Lichtenau
  • Simplex: 430.200MHz

C4FM – Fusion (70cm)

  • Relais: DO0DXE 439.2125MHz, -7.6MHz ACHTUNG:  Neue Frequenz!
  • RelaisDB0TM 438.850MHz, -7.6MHz

Tetra (70cm)

  • Relais: DB0WIZ 434.7375, (DMO-Repeater im Testbetrieb) Standort Kaufunger Wald

Echolink DH5FFL-L
145.350 MHz, EL#75931

Dear YLs, XYLs and OMs – welcome to Kassel.

We hope that you will enjoy our city. The official information access is kassel.de. There you can find information in English too.

You can find a lot of general HAM stuff on the „Visitors to DL“ page of the DARC (German Amateur Radio Club). There are also a FAQ, license, CEPT information page, and more.

The local Kassel club F12 has a long tradition of amateur radio. The ‚Radio Club Cassel‘ was established back in 1924. In contrast the DARC exists since 1950. Our local club  F12 has about 90 members.

You can meet us at the official F12 meetings, which are on the first Wednesday each month at 7:30 pm. The location is the little pub called ‚Zum Hopfengärtchen‘ in Kassel-Harleshausen, Frasenweg 25a. Guests are very welcome.

In case you do not have a license in compliance with the CEPT regulations or no license it may be possible to use trainee calls of several OM.

To gain an overview about the repeaters please open the repeaters DARC page (don’t forget to choose ‚Show Repeaters near‚). The most usable repeaters and frequencies are collected in the following list:

  1. The APRS frequency is 144.800 MHz.
  2. Echolink DH5FFL-L, 145.350 MHz, EL//75931
  3. local area repeater on 2 m DB0XE 145.775 MHz (-0,6MHz)
  4. regional repeater on 70 cm DB0TM 439,850 MHz (-7,6MHz)
  5. regional repeater on 70 cm DB0HRM 439,525 MHz (-7,6MHz)
  6. local area repeater on 23 cm DB0KAS 1298.6 MHz (-28MHz)
  7. local area repeater on 23 cm DB0XE 1298.450 MHz (-28MHz)

The headquarters of DARC are nearby in Baunatal.There you will find the management of the entire DARC club and the publishing house ‚DARC Verlag‘. Here the monthly membership journal CQ-DL is compiled, and all of the fine QSL-cards pass the central QSL-bureau.

If you have any further questions please

  1. use our contact form,
  2. make your call on the local repeater DB0XE 145.775 MHz (output) and 145.175 MHz (input,a shift of -600 kHz) or
  3. you can use the direct calling frequency 145.350 MHz (echo link is possible too).

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